The initial Horizontal Centrifuge tailored explicitly for the creation of platelet-rich fibrin is now commercially accessible.


4X MORE Effective Than Standard Centrifuges.

Advantages of Horizontal Centrifuge for PRP-PRF.

Groundbreaking Innovation For Dental & Medical Applications & Cosmetic Aesthetics Introducing the Bio-Plsma Horizontal Centrifuge.

More even distribution of regenerative cells throughout the PRF-clot

Higher growth factor release when compared to fixed-angle centrifugation


*Contemporary research provides evidence that horizontal centrifugation results in higher concentrations, corroborating its efficacy.

A set of laboratory experiments showcased that horizontal centrifugation yields notably higher concentrations of platelets and leukocytes in contrast to the prevailing fixed-angle centrifugation devices predominantly employed for generating L-PRF or A-PRF. Explore the scientific advancements and progression of PRF for further insights.

On a fixed-angle centrifuge, there is a tendency for platelets, white blood cells, and red blood cells to collect on the back walls of tubes, causing suboptimal cell separation and a decline in platelet and leukocyte concentrations.

In contrast, a horizontal centrifuge facilitates more efficient dispersion of cells throughout the entire tubes, leading to enhanced layer separation and a uniform distribution of cells within the PRF clot.